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I am award-winning product designer specialized in UX/UI, currently living in London, UK. Where I have been working as a freelancer for about 7 years.

Founded in 1976 and re-branded in 2018 as Emerse Studio, we are an independent multi-disciplinary brand and design consultancy helping brands find their voice by employing creative ideas across contemporary media. We have collaborated with like minded professionals who share the same holistic approach towards creating design experiences using art, culture and aesthetics for our viewers.

Striving to fully integrate concurrent technology and design practices within our creative workflow of identity development, re-branding,  2d/3d design, capturing stills, artwork or creating time-based art such as film, 3D, animation, video art, augmented projections and art installations with a sole purpose of creating  "Experiences" for viewers of our work.

Having worked successfully on for brands which are operating on a national and global level - ranging from fashion, real estate, electronics, home decor, music, theatre group, film productions, charity, government institutions, food, architectural firms and hospitality to corporate houses.

About the designers


Rachit Sud

As the head of design and strategy at Emerse Studio, Rachit likes to push his existing understanding of design by employing current trends within the visual art to deliver the best creative solution to his clients.

Holds a Master of Arts Degree in Moving Images from Ravensbourne, London - in addition to Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design from RMIT University and other professional certification related to design and technology. Having over 22 years of design experience.

We employ right strategies and critical thinking mixed with visual aesthetics.

What we do

DESIGN Stratergy

  1. Briefing and Research
  2. Visual Design
  3. Design Implementation
  4. Copywriting

FILMS & Motion

  1. Script
  2. Storyboard
  3. Production

UX & UI Design

  1. User Experience
  2. User Interface
  3. Testing and Evaluation
  4. Web Design

We love everything that has to do with  design, typography, and art direction.


rebranded identity

SSG, became Emerse Studio.


directed first short film

Directed our first short film on female subject.


Awarded a masters degree

Rachit was awarded a masters degree in moving images from Ravensbourne (UK).


Shifted premises

From a small basement to 2000 sq ft. office in suburbs of Delhi


Went Digital

Installed our first Macintosh computer.


National Award

Won 3 National Award in Design Excellence.


National Award

Won a National Award in Design Excellence.


National Award

Won a National Award in Design Excellence.



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