Plumber Bar


Art Direction, Design, UI, UX, Development


Beliram Degchiwala




A place conceived for professional and office goers to relax and unwind after a day's work, inspired by underground culture with walls having sewer cover all across - on the first instance the idea felt out of context (especially for food and liquor joint). Arguably, the underlying thought played in the mind of the architect could have been draining of emotional negativity within the space.

Binding the architect's vision with that of the societal image formed 'of pub culture' specific to branding we welded the metaphor of  'pipes' (a common denominator in architect underlying vision and that of liquor distillation) with that of wine opener.

What we've done

1. Logo Design

2.Interior Graphics

Plumber Logo renditions
3d iterations of the logo
Plumber Logo with interiors
Approved Logo
Pumber Bar Menudesign prototype
Menu Design
Interior graphics on wall
Interior Graphics

Interior Graphics on wall
Glass Wall